WGS golf equipment has the best selection of golf GPS/Technology on the internet.  Select from all the major national brands.  You can browse their online superstore to get the golf GPS/Technology you need.

Shop golf GPS so you can play better golf.  Find all golf GPS devices from top brands including GPS watches and hand-held devices.  Are you focused on improving your golf game?  The right performance tools can help.

The 10 Best Golf GPS/Technology Devices

  1. TomTom Golfer
  2. Garmin Approach S6
  3. GolfBuddy VS4
  4. Bushnell Laser Hybrid GPS
  5. TLink GPS
  6. Garmin Approach G8
  7. Izzo Swami 4000 Plus
  8. Snooper ShotSaver Tour Pro S340
  9. GolfBuddy BB5
  10. Game Golf

Shop the latest golf technology & golf electronics at WGS. Use a GPS watch or golf simulator to enhance your game & knowledge of the course.  GOLF’s annual celebration of the best of the game’s technology breakthroughs—The Techy Awards!—are back with big news. Club fitting innovation has paved the way for a shoe-fitting revolution. SuperStroke’s groundbreaking grips are even more gripping, and new rangefinders are totally out of sight.

Eight Technologies That Changed the Game of Golf

  1. Golf Clubs and Shafts
  2. Golf Balls
  3. Hybrid Golf Clubs
  4. Better Balanced Putters
  5. Golf Shoes for Better Comfort
  6. Golf GPS Devices and Swing Analyzers
  7. Better Golf Gloves
  8. Golf Club Fitting

<a target='_blank' href='Top Rated Golf GPS Devices'>GPS</a>/Technology - launch monitorSmart golfers should take note that launch monitors are being placed in golf retail outlets to give golfers the impression they are being properly fitted for their clubs.  Yet little or no training exists to teach sales people how to properly turn the outputs of the launch monitors into the best prescription for golf clubs for the average golfer.  Most retailers have inventory to worry about, so it is very common for them to pay a special extra commission to their sales staff to get them to sell the equipment that they need to clear out fast.  Add it all up, and it’s no wonder that you the golfer are confused and often end up with the wrong equipment.  That is why a good club fitter is extremely important in today’s high tech golf world.

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