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golf club deals - Picture of the 7th green at Pebble Beach National Golf Club
The 106 yard Seventh Hole at Pebble Beach National

Golf Club Deals Can Be Had Everyday At WGS! 

In short, WGS offers a wide selection of irons and woods from all major brand golf club manufacturers. The clubs are available in a variety of lofts, head sizes, lengths, swing weights, and shaft options.  Hence, WGS is sure to have a iron or wood in stock that fits your game.  You can get great golf club deals now from WGS. 

WGS has a price guarantee that can’t be beaten!

If for some reason, WGS doesn’t have the lowest available price for an in-stock item, they will match any competitors price!  Get great savings now on quality golf equipment and supplies!   Therefore, please feel free to browse our website now for some great golf club deals!  To improve your game today, click here and start saving on golf equipment at WGS’ Online Superstore.  http://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/8268793/type/dlg/https://www.worldwidegolfshops.com/

Every golfer should be playing the best golf equipment for his or her skill level to maximize their enjoyment of the game of golf.  We at hotgolfequipmentandsupplies.com are a internet marketing affiliate/publisher for WorldWide Golf Shops (WGS). 

Moreover, our goal is to assist you in getting the best golf club deals on the internet.  You’ll be able to afford and purchase top brand golf clubs and equipment.  You will always look and play your best!   On our website, we provide you the links to WGS‘ website.  There you will have access to the best golf club deals, equipment, apparel, and accessories on the market today!  Also, you will have access to the finest online golf instruction videos and vacation packages available as well. 

Great Golf Club Deals – Woods

Golf  Drivers

Most importantly, you can find golf club deals for the best drivers on the market at WGS!  They have in stock a number of fully adjustable drivers.  Specific results can be achieved with these clubs by manually fitting and changing the club head. Golfers looking to correct a slice, or who prefer a drawing ball flight, will benefit from draw or offset models.  Moreover, skilled players, looking to better control trajectory, ball flight, and spin characteristics may benefit from tour level, upgraded shafts.  These players can choose from a large selection of tour drivers with a variety of options.

Drivers/Woods have longer shafts and larger, rounder heads than other club types.  They are used to hit the ball long distances.  In the past, woods had a club head that was made from hardwood, mostly persimmon.  However, today’s woods have heads made from metal.  For example,  titanium, or composite materials, such as carbon fiber are used.


In essence, the 1-wood, or driver, is the lowest-lofted, longest, and often lightest club in a player’s bag.  It is meant to launch the ball the longest distance of any club.  Originally, the driver was only slightly larger than other woods and was designed to be used from the tee or the fairway.  However, with the advent of hollow metal club head construction, the driver has become highly specialized for use off the tee.  It incorporates an oversized head and a deep striking face to maximize the “sweet spot” thereby giving the best results.

Fairway Woods

Higher number woods are generally known as fairway woods.  These clubs are designed for shots from off the turf of the fairway. These kinds of shots still require long distance;  such as the second shot of a par-5 or a long par-4 hole.  Fairway woods have two important features:  a higher loft to lift the ball out of the turf and a shallower face height.  This allows a player to hit a ball from the ground using the exact center of the club, providing greater distance for such shots. Golf Club Deals - Fairway wood

Furthermore, Depending on the type of hole, fairway woods can be useful off the tee.  Players may wish to play their tee shot short due to a dogleg or a hazard.  Fairway woods are typically made with a slightly shorter and stiffer shaft. It also has a smaller club head and more loft than a driver or 2-wood.

Great Golf Club Deals – Irons

At WGS, you can also find great golf club deals with the best irons on the market.  Irons typically have shorter shafts and smaller club heads than woods.  Usually, the club head is made of solid iron or steel. The head’s primary feature is a large, flat, angled face, usually scored with grooves.  Irons are used in a wide variety of situations. Typically, they are used from the teeing ground, on shorter holes, and from the fairway or rough on approach shots to the green. 

Types of Irons

Historically, all irons were forged from a flat piece of metal.  This produced a thin club head that resembled a blade.  Modern investment casting processes enabled manufacturers to easily mass produce clubs with consistent properties. This manufacturing process was first used by PING. This process made it possible to take weight out of the back of the club head and distribute it around the perimeter.  These perimeter weighted, or cavity back irons make it much easier to achieve consistent results on off center hits.


Club head

Investment casting allows for a greater range of design options.  It produces a very stiff and inflexible head that can be difficult to adjust for a player’s desired lie and loft.  On the other hand, forged irons allow for easier ball striking with a greater range of adjustments.


The shaft is the true engine of the iron.  A shaft that is perfectly suited to the individual golfer increases distance and improves accuracy.  A poorly suited shaft can lead to inconsistent, wayward shots and reduced distance.  Graphite shafts, made from composite materials such as carbon fiber, are now standard in woods.  Shafts for irons are most often made from steel.  Steel has lower torque than graphite.  This allows less club head twisting and giving better accuracy.

Graphite shafts are not uncommon for numbered irons.  The increased distance conferred by the graphite shaft is advantageous to many players, especially shorter hitters such as ladies and seniors. Wedges virtually always have steel shafts as the accuracy and consistency is of primary importance.


The grip covers the top of the shaft enabling the golfer to hold the club comfortably.  Generally, modern grips are made mostly of rubber.  However, some players still prefer a traditional leather wrap.

Types of Irons

Numbered irons

Most irons are labelled with a number indicating their loft.  The higher the number, the higher the loft.  Therefore, a matched set of irons will have a regular progressive increase in loft throughout the set.  However, this may differ from one set to another due to design considerations that can affect launch angle and distance.  In addition, modern iron sets range in number from 0 through 12.  The most common iron sets range is 3 through 9.


Wedges are the subclass of irons with higher lofts than most numbered irons.  They are used for a variety of specialized “utility” shots.  Mostly, these shots require short distance, a high launch angle, and/or high backspin to reduce roll distance.  In 1931, Gene Sarazen invented the first sand wedge.Golf Club Deals - Wedge

The wedge features a wide sole that is angled complementarily to the striking face.  This helps to prevent the club head from digging into soft turf or sand.  Also, the wide sole was added to other high lofted irons to add mass to the club head.  Consequently, this added mass made the higher lofted clubs easier to hit.

WGS’ Mission

At WGS their first concern is your 100% satisfaction. As a matter of fact, that is why they offer the best online return policy around!  Therefore, return your purchase to WGS within 90 days if you are not completely satisfied with it.  Consequently, you will receive a full in store credit towards the purchase of alternate equipment.  Furthermore, you can find outstanding golf club deals at WGS and can now buy your equipment with confidence!  Trade-in your old clubs and get a new set today!

Primary Goal

WGS’ primary goal is to have its customers completely satisfied with their golf equipment purchases.   Furthermore, WGS prides itself on offering the absolute lowest prices available on the Internet!   It offers free ground shipping on all orders over $99.  Some exclusions may apply.  Therefore, click here and get the golf club deals you want. http://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/8268793/type/dlg/https://www.worldwidegolfshops.com/

WGS is an authorized dealer for all major golf brands. These brands include:  Titleist, Ping, TaylorMade, Callaway, Adams, Bridgestone, Nike, Cobra, Srixon, Puma, Ashworth, Travis Matthew, Adidas, Ecco, FootJoy, Acushnet, Cleveland, Mizuno, Scotty Cameron and many more.  Also, WGS takes great pride in its huge selection of golf products, apparel and accessories.


WGS is the parent company for Roger Dunn Golf Shops, Edwin Watts Golf Shops, Golfer’s Warehouse, the Golf Mart, Van’s Golf Shops and Uinta Golf.  Overall, they have been in business over 50 years. WGS is one of the nation’s largest discount golf equipment retailers, with 89 stores in 19 states.

WGS Subsidiaries:

Roger Dunn Golf Shops – has been serving golfers in Hawaii and California with its 17 stores for over 50 years.

Edwin Watts Golf Shops – has proudly served golfers in the Southeast and Texas with its 44 stores since 1968.

The Golf Mart – has proudly served golfers in Northern California and New Mexico with its 11 stores for over 30 years.

Golfers’ Warehouse – has served as New England’s largest golf supply warehouse with its 5 stores for over 30 years!

Van’s Golf Shop – has proudly served Arizona golfers as the areas premiere golf retailer with its 7 stores for over 50 years.

Uinta Golf – has served golfers in Utah with its 5 stores for over 40 years.

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  1. Hi James

    I’m not a golf player but that is because of my back problems. I love the game of golf and I so wish I was able to play, especially when I read articles like this. Wow! I would’ve bought me just the best equipment and I would sure try WGS. According to this post, they just sell quality products.

    Thanks and take care!

    1. Nicolaas: Thanks for the comments. Sorry to hear about your back problems. Yes, WGS has some great golf equipment on
      its website. If you’re ever in the market for golf equipment, get back to us. Also, WGS has some nice apparel if your interested.

  2. Hi, Mick! Just looking at the Home page of your site, all that was required to do in the WA portal it is clear that you have the makings of a fine website; one that promotes golf club equipment.

    The company that you are promoting, WGS indeed does appear to have every piece of equipment available to suit the different levels of abilities for all golfers. In addition as all of the name brand companies are represented – Titleist, Ping, Callaway, TaylorMade and etc. as long as the prices asked by this company are reasonable, no other like online store would be able to match what WGS has to offer.

    My only concern would be if a “newbie” golfer came to this site would he/she have enough knowledge about club fitting to purchase equipment that would be suitable for his/her level of play? And, in fact allow this person to begin to improve his/her skill at the game – especially if not knowing any better the individual purchased ill-fitting clubs?

    It’s great that WGS does provide a full-refund policy, but it’s also obvious that a newbie would not have the opportunity to be fitted for his/her new clubs when visiting the site on his/her own.

    Still by your review, this company is indeed legit with the incredible inventory they must have regarding an untold number of golf equipment.

    Btw, is the photo image on the homepage of your website of the famous 7th hole at Pebble Beach? Only a little over 100 yards in length, even for the pros. But with the teebox on a much higher elevation along with the ocean, (and often strong winds) below in the background and bunkers framing the green, to call it an easy hole is quite inaccurate. Just ask the pros who play there every year in the Pebble Beach pro-am tournament held in early February!


    1. My website is for all skill levels.  WGS does have golf clubs for newbies.  One can even contact WGS to get advise on what clubs to purchase, regardless of skill level.  Yes the pic is of the infamous 7th hole par 3 at Pebble Beach.  

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