Golf Clubs

WGS merely has the finest selection of golf clubs anywhere!  You can select drivers, irons, hybrids, wedges, and putters on the internet.  Furthermore, select from all the major national manufacturers. WGS’s website serves as the online portal for all its retail store brands.  It offers customers an easy and convenient way to shop and find what you are looking for.  The right set of golf clubs is often the difference between a fun day on the course and a frustrating afternoon outing. You can find both individual golf clubs and full sets designed for your specific handicap and playing characteristics.

The golf clubs WGS carries and sells both online and in its stores are from the very best manufacturers and brands in all of golf. WGS is also proud to say that they are golfers –  active golfers who play the game, watch the game, live the game, and love the game just like you, our customer!  Browse WGS’s remarkable selection of golf clubs for the best deal today!

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed And A Great Selection!

Golf Clubs - pic of irons.
TaylorMade Irons

WGS has a 90-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back.  Also, they have a low price guarantee too!  This assures that you are happy with your purchase and get the best price on a great set of golf clubs.  In addition, they have a golf club trade-in program.  You can get rid of your old set and step up to a brand new set without any hassles!

Save on your golf equipment needs with free shipping and guaranteed best prices.  WGS stocks the largest selection of new and closeout golf clubs, apparel, and more.

Men’s and ladies’ golf club sets come complete with driver, woods, irons, putter and bag.  You can select from the top manufacturers like Callaway, Adams, Wilson, and Tour Edge and get a complete set of clubs ready for the golf course.

Golf Clubs

Game Improvement Irons

Higher, farther, straighter. Those words equal nirvana for most golfers. Unfortunately, most golfers can’t get there on their own. You know who you are. You’re breaking 90 but still lack confidence with any club longer than a 6-iron.  Furthermore, you’ll always choose more yards over control, as long as it’s presented in a conventional package.

Today’s game improvement irons are clubs for everybody. These clubs continue to provide new levels of versatility and performance with plenty of distance.  You can still puff your chest out every once in a while. Moreover, assisting in this endeavor are thin faces that flex for distance and often use multiple materials.  These materials include tungsten weights to help position the center of gravity in a location that gives launching the ball a boost.  Furthermore, because you’re not some chopper, all this needs to be accomplished in a look that doesn’t make you shudder at address and with a sound that doesn’t leave a ringing in your ears after impact.

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Super Game-Improvement Irons

Golf Clubs - Titleist club
Titleist Iron

In golf, the clubs that can help your game the most also might cause the most distress to your ego. Luckily for you, help is on the way in the form of super easy to hit irons. These clubs now actually look like golf clubs a somewhat better player might have in the bag.  It might just turn golf’s version of the walk of shame into giving you something to strut about.

For all the assistance game improvement irons provide, it’s possible the super game improvement segment could be overlooked.  But a closer look at the details of what makes a good super game improvement iron reveals that there is a specific player type that would greatly benefit from the clubs in this category.  These clubs have thick soles, with lots of weight low, to assist launch.  Also, they have lightweight shafts usually made from graphite and in the 50-gram range. This is less than half the weight of most steel shafts to provide additional clubhead speed. 

These irons have an almost singular objective in mind:   Help those struggling to get the ball in the air.  Helping that endeavor is a penchant for large, forgiving clubheads.  Better yet, if you can stomach the look, all hollow-body designed clubs that look like an all-hybrid set.  Golf can be difficult. If that sounds like you, check your ego at the door.  Help has arrived.

Players Irons

If you play in your club championship every year and take dead aim at a back right pin guarded by water from 185 yards,  chances are you are using Players irons (blades).  Their thin soles and top lines along with soft feeling club heads offer the workability and feel you crave.  The precisely placed centers of gravity offer the control you require.

When it comes to Players irons, the first thought for many are the muscle back blades used by some of our tour professionals.  These are not those clubs. Through creative use of technology and materials, the design of players irons has modernized this category without giving up the classic shape better players prefer.

Golf Clubs – Improve Your Game With A New Set!

The challenge for designers is how to pack all of this into a compact package that is pleasing to the eye. When it comes to club design, smaller is always a bigger challenge.  In the case of these irons, it is met by carefully shaping the toe area and paying attention to the leading edge of the sole to enhance turf interaction.

Equally important, feel often is provided through the use of soft carbon steel for the clubhead. This is assisted by badges in the back cavity that assist in damping vibration.  Although these clubs are designed to hit specific shots, specific distances, they are far from distant efficient. This is due to thin clubfaces that allow the better player to hit that shot exactly 185 yards, with a 6-iron.

Our Pledge To You, The Golfer

“We at hotgolfequipmentandsupplies are glad you’re here.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do to assist you with all of your golf club needs.  Also, leave us a comment and let us know how we can help your golf game!”

So if you are looking to improve your golf game or need to update your golf equipment, please feel free to browse WGS‘s online superstore to get the golf clubs you want.  You’ll get the right flex, correct loft, the proper shaft all in your price range too!  Furthermore, they have men’s, ladies’, and junior golf clubs to choose from in both right and left-handed for your convenience. 

Therefore, click on the text link here and go browse WGS’s remarkable selection of clubs for the best deal! ⇒

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  1. Hello,
    I happened upon your website and it just happens I have been for a very long time considering learning more about golf as a hobby, I am becoming older in age and many of my hobbies are becoming too much for me now. I am a lefty which makes finding golf equipment difficult in my local shops where I live, I was wondering by any chance can you recommend some shops I could browse left handed golfing equipment?

    • Jeff, thank you for your comments. I’m glad you are considering golf as a hobby. Use our website. We have a page for left-handed golfers and you can order some fine left-handed clubs from WGS.


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