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WGS golf equipment has the finest selection of top of the line golf balls/bags on sale now from their online Superstore.  Select from all the major national brands.  Listed below are some golf ball recommendations:  Go browse WGS’ remarkable selection of quality golf balls/bags today!


The Best Golf Balls For 2019 Are:

  1. Titleist Pro V1 (best overall premium golf balls)
  2. Taylormade TP5x (best premium golf balls for distance)
  3. Titleist Pro V1x (best golf balls for high spin)
  4. Callaway Chrome Soft (best premium golf balls for the money)
  5. Bridgestone Tour B RX (best premium golf balls for distance and accuracy)
  6. Vice Pro (best golf balls by a new company)
  7. Bridgestone Tour B XS (best golf balls for soft feel)

The Best Golf Balls For Weekend Golfers Are:

  1. Titleist NXT Tour (best golf balls overall)
  2. Taylormade Project (a) (best tour quality balls for low swing speeds)
  3. Titleist Velocity (best golf balls for distance)
  4. Srixon Q Star (best golf balls for greenside spin)
  5. Bridgestone e6 (best golf balls for straight ball flight)
  6. Titleist Tour Soft (best golf balls for soft feel)
  7. Srixon Soft Feel (best golf balls for the money)
  8. Costco Kirkland Signature (most anticipated)

Golf Ball Selection Guide

Trying to choose a golf ball for your game can be completely overwhelming because there are so many options to choose from.  Don’t panic!

Here are some questions to consider when selecting your golf ball:

  • The price of the golf ball to you?    Golf Balls/Bags -Titleist ball
  • Is green side spin relevant to you?
  • How important is the durability of the ball to you?
  • Distance you normally hit your driver?
  • What is your handicap?
  • Do you prefer a softer or firmer feel?


We realize it isn’t easy to afford every piece of golf equipment necessary.  This is why WGS offers a wide variety of quality golf bags.  You can find an outstanding golf bag while saving money at the same time!  Golf Balls/Bags - Bag

Browse WGS‘ online superstore to get all the golf equipment you need.  They have top rated golf balls/bags for men, ladies and juniors.  Click here and go browse WGS’ remarkable selection of quality golf balls/bags today! and

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