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GDN Golf Equipment has the finest selection of top-of-the-line golf balls/bags on sale from their online Superstore. Selecting the right golf ball is an integral part of the game. For golfers, choosing a ball that matches their playing style is the first step toward improving on-course performance. In my humble opinion, not all golf balls are created equal! Golfers can select from several internal and external ball constructions, suited for players at every skill level. Consequently, there is a huge assortment of good golf balls to choose from to fit anyone’s game.

Golf Balls/Bags - Picture of Callaway ball.
Callaway Golf Ball

Many golf balls are built with two-piece construction, composed of an inner solid core and external cover. Consequently, this design delivers distance, durability, and the benefit of reduced spin—a combination best suited for less-experienced players. Also, look to brands including Titleist, Callaway, Top Flite, and Nike to produce top-performing golf balls in a variety of unique hues.

Most major golf ball manufacturers offer a wide array of balls that are designed for specific golfers. Golf balls cover the full spectrum, from first-time novices up to touring professionals. If you’re looking for a gift, personalized golf balls can make a work outing or wedding party event more unique.

Select from all the major national brands. With the best golf balls from top manufacturers like Callaway, Srixon, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, and more, GDN now offers the best prices on the most essential golf gear. Make sure to stock up on golf balls. Listed below are some golf ball recommendations: Therefore, go browse GDN’s remarkable selection of quality golf balls/bags today by clicking on the two links on this page!


The Best Golf Balls For 2024 Are:

  1. Titleist Pro V1 (best overall premium golf ball)
  2. TaylorMade TP5x (best premium golf ball for distance)
  3. Titleist Pro V1x (best golf balls for high spin)
  4. Callaway Chrome Soft (best premium golf balls for the money)
  5. Bridgestone Tour B RX (best premium golf balls for distance and accuracy)
  6. Vice Pro (best golf balls by a new company)
  7. Bridgestone Tour B XS (best golf balls for a soft feel)

Best Golf Balls for Weekend Golfers Are:

  1. Titleist NXT Tour (best golf balls overall)
  2. TaylorMade Project (a) (best tour quality balls for low swing speeds)
  3. Titleist Velocity (best golf ball for distance)
  4. Srixon Q Star (best golf ball for greenside spin)
  5. Bridgestone e6 (best golf ball for straight ball flight)
  6. Titleist Tour Soft (best golf ball for soft feel)
  7. Srixon Soft Feel (best golf balls for the money)
  8. Costco Kirkland Signature (most anticipated)

The Best Golf Balls for Older Players:

  • Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball (Best For Older Players)
  • Srixon AD333 Golf Ball (Best For Consistency)
  • Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Ball (Best For Feel)
  • Bridgestone E5 Golf Ball (Best Budget)
  • TaylorMade Burner Golf Ball (Best Mid-Range Golf Ball)
  • Srixon Q Star Golf Ball
  • Chromax Metallic M5 Golf Ball
  • MG Golf Ball

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Golf Ball Selection Guide

Trying to choose a golf ball for your game can be completely overwhelming because there are so many options to choose from. Don’t panic!

Here Are Some Questions To Consider When Selecting Your Golf Ball:

  • The price of the golf ball to you?

    Golf Balls/Bags -picture of Titleist 1 golf ball.
    Titleist Golf Ball

  • Is green side spin relevant to you?
  • How important is the durability of the ball to you?
  • The distance you normally hit your driver?
  • What are your average scores?
  • Do you prefer a softer or firmer feel?

Should You Play With Recycled, Refinished, Used, Or Washed Balls?

Golf courses, just like practice facilities, may buy used golf balls for either their driving ranges or to resell as “experienced” golf balls in the pro shop. Public and municipal golf courses are the facilities most likely to buy used balls. Private country clubs generally sell only new golf balls and buy new practice balls for their driving ranges.

Recycled golf balls are balls that have been found, then washed, sorted by brand and type, and then graded by color and cover condition. They are sorted into 3 qualities so the player can choose the quality and price point they wish to purchase. Like refinished golf balls, Recycled golf balls should feel and play as a new ball would.

Refinished golf balls take a bit more work, but we think the end product could be worth it – a great-looking ball with no marks or other cosmetic damage, and which plays almost like new. Note: Refinished golf balls do not fall under the original manufacturer’s warranty.

We don’t directly recommend that you use recycled or refinished golf balls. When you are still learning, you don’t want to limit your rounds of play because of the golf ball price. With newer golf balls, you can get a better carry, but recycled golf balls will also get the job done for players with good skills and high swing speed.


Golf Balls/Bags - picture of stand bag.
Stand Golf Bag

We realize it isn’t easy to afford every piece of golf equipment necessary. This is why GDN offers a wide variety of quality golf bags. You can find an outstanding golf bag while saving money at the same time!

Golf stand bags allow golfers to carry all of their clubs and equipment and are designed with self-standing legs to stand the cart upright on the greens. Cart bags are designed for storage on a golf cart or push or pull cart.

Travel bags hold your golf bag and gear when you’re on the road and can either be a soft-sided, padded bag or a hard case. Travel golfers are usually able to check these bags at the airport, train station, or bus depot. You can also use a travel bag for the trunk of your car if you are driving to your travel destination.

Carry Your Clubs in Style with GDN’s Top-Rated Golf Bags. Shop At GDN Today! Browse GDN’s online superstore to get all the golf equipment you need. They have an excellent selection of top-rated golf balls/bags for men, ladies, and juniors.

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