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If you have no idea what golf ball to use, GDN is your home for top-rated golf balls on their online Superstore. You can play with confidence when you use top-rated golf balls in your round. It’s the first step to lowering your score! Browse GDN’s vast selection of top-rated golf balls today!

Finding Top-Rated Golf Balls

top-rated golf balls - picture of assorted Callaway Golf Balls.
Callaway Golf Balls

The one piece of equipment you use for every single golf shot, no matter how near or far to the pin, is the golf ball. That’s why choosing the right ball for your game is crucial to your success on the course. At GDN, they offer top-rated golf balls to suit every style of game. They have golf balls for the weekend golfer to the scratch golfer. A feature growing in popularity is personalizing your golf ball. Carefully selecting a golf ball to match your game will contribute to the consistent results you’re looking for.

Tour-proven golf balls are specially created to maximize high swing speeds. They also offer increased distance and spin control. When a PGA tour player reaches for a golf ball, you can be sure it will be from the Tour line.

Likewise, premium-performance golf balls are ideal for average golfers with moderate swing speeds. These players still want much of the popular technology found in the Tour balls.

Value golf balls are great for beginners. Ladies should consider specially-made women’s golf balls. These balls are generally two-piece, surlyn-covered balls that produce long distances. Make sure that the golf balls you purchase are this year’s model and not last year’s. Older golf balls tend to be on sale until the stock is replenished. Also, they don’t perform as well as new ones due to shelf age!

Note: Personalized golf balls make great gifts. Add a name, initials, monogram, nickname, or favorite saying to your favorite brand to create your very own customized golf ball.

Check Out These Premium Top Sellers From The Best Brands In The Game

  • TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x – Experience enhanced distance, spin, and control with the latest five-layer ball from TaylorMade.
  • Callaway Chrome Soft – Get more spin and increased distance off the tee. You’ll get less spin and add control around the greens.
  • Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x – Played by two out of three professionals on Tour, the Pro V1, and Pro V1x are built for max distance and incredible greenside control.

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top-rated golf balls - Picture of Titleist No. 2 golf ball.
Titleist #2 Golf Ball

Buying Tip: Look for a ball with the right compression. Golf balls with a 90 or more compression create less spin off the tee, providing further distance. Golf balls with a 70-80 compression offer more spin with low irons and wedges. They deliver better stopping ability on the green too.

Two-piece golf balls are commonly viewed as the best fit for novice golfers. Larger core construction maximizes distance while minimizing spin. This leads to longer shots with greater accuracy. Also, if the golfer hits a wayward shot, a thicker cover construction allows for greater durability. Taking the core and cover constructions into account, two-piece golf balls are ideal for golfers with slower swing speeds. This occurs because of the added distance, penetrating trajectory, and reduced side spin they offer.

Which Golf Balls Are Best For Mid-To-Low Handicappers?

Multi-layer golf balls are designed with experienced golfers in mind. The series of core/mantle layers elevate control and feel. This allows golfers to sculpt shots and generate shot-stopping spin commands around the green. A characteristically thinner cover construction further enhances spin control. It also provides the soft, crisp feel serious golfers demand. The levels of control and performance golfers can achieve with multi-layer golf balls make them very popular. This is true for those players who have faster swing speeds and more consistent swing characteristics.

Most amateur golfers should look to spend less than $30 per dozen on golf balls. Good golf balls in this range are the Titleist NXT Tour, Calloway Supersoft, and the TaylorMade Project (a) or Project (s) to just name a few. I recommend buying a sleeve of 3 golf balls of any brand first to see how they perform. If they perform to your liking, then invest in purchasing a dozen or more.

What Is Core Compression And How Does It Affect Golf Ball Performance?

Core compression refers to the overall density of the golf ball. Golf balls with a low core compression rating—60 – 80—were originally designed for novice, junior, female, and senior golfers. However, they are now gaining a following with more skilled golfers, as well. The low compression rating of these “soft” golf balls allows for more deformation of the golf ball at impact. This is true, especially with metal woods and longer irons. This deformation of the golf ball reduces spin rates on low/mid-lofted clubs. Altogether, it translates to straighter ball flight and more distance. When using short irons and wedges, contact between the golf ball and clubface is prolonged. Thereby, resulting in a softer feel compared to higher-compression golf balls.

Higher compression golf balls—90 and above—are generally designed for more experienced golfers with more aggressive swing speeds. Since golf balls with higher compression rates are harder to deform and spend less time on the clubface, golfers with faster swing speeds can achieve greater command and control over the golf ball.

Differing dimple patterns and shapes can have a range of impacts on the way golf balls perform. Golf ball manufacturers are constantly testing and working to improve them. Varying dimple shapes, patterns, and sizes affect distance. It also affects the stability with which the golf ball flies and spin rates on both full and partial shots.

How Does Using A Damaged Or Scuffed Golf Ball Affect My Game?

The cover layer of your golf ball is constructed to exact specifications to consistently perform a certain way. Scuffs, cuts, or other damage to the exterior compromise those specifications and cause your golf ball to perform in a slightly unpredictable, unintended manner. Imperfections on the cover change the way air and drag interact with the golf ball. This ultimately leads to the loss of distance and accuracy. For instance, if some of the dimples are shallower than others because of a scuff mark, your shot could potentially end up anywhere from 3 – 5 yards offline and up to 6 yards shorter than your intended distance.

Note: It is important to monitor the condition of your golf ball during play to ensure it is performing to its peak potential.

Premium, multi-layer golf balls commonly feature softer cover compounds, such as urethane. This material tends to resist cutting on poor clubface contact. However, they are more susceptible to cutting when the ball comes in contact with harder surfaces like trees and cart paths. Two-piece golf balls, or golf balls with lower core compression, commonly feature firmer cover compounds, such as ionomer. This material tends to be more durable and resists cuts on both poor strikes and contact with harder surfaces.

Golf Ball Fitting – Is It Beneficial?

Next time you visit your pro shop or golf equipment store, consider being fitted by a professional golf club fitter for the correct golf ball for your game. Carefully selecting a golf ball to match your swing speed will contribute to the consistent results you’re looking for on the course.

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  1. Hello Mick
    Interesting article on golf balls, I was amazed how many different types of golf balls you have to choose from. I seen on another golf website you can purchase personalized golf balls, I was just wondering by any chance do you have any of those golf balls?

    Awesome post you might have been investing in golf equipment yet,

    • Jeff, Thanks for your comments. Yes GDN does provide an amazing assortment of golf balls for all skill levels. From the novice to the touring pro. I have used many different golf balls and personally, I don’t have a preference. I love to try out new golf equipment when it comes out on the market. I like to keep up with the technology which is ever-changing.

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