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Golf club deals - Large picture of Augusta National's Hogan's Bridge and Amen Corner.
Augusta National’s Famous 12th Hole, The Centerpiece of Amen Corner!

Great Golf Club Deals Can Be Had Every Day At Golf Direct Now!

We at hotgolfequipmentandsupplies.com are an internet marketing affiliate/publisher for Golf Direct Now (GDN). As an affiliate marketer, we are in the process of earning a commission whenever a sale occurs for marketing GDN’s great golf equipment to the public. We have provided a lot of great content here on our website. Feel free to browse at your leisure. You will find an article that can benefit your golf game! In brief, it does not cost more to use our website in conjunction with GDN’s Online Superstore. Most importantly, you, the prospective customer, will benefit tremendously.

In short, GDN offers a wide selection of irons and woods from all major brand golf club manufacturers. Clubs are available in a variety of lofts, head sizes, lengths, swing weights, and shaft options. Hence, GDN is sure to have a wood, hybrid, iron, or putter in stock to fit your game. You can get great golf club deals now from GDN.

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Equally important, our goal is to assist you in getting the best golf club deals online. You’ll be able to afford and purchase top-brand golf clubs and equipment. On our website, we will provide you with the links to GDN’s website. There you will have access to the best golf club deals, equipment, apparel, and accessories on the market today! Again, from our website, you will have access to the finest online golf instruction videos and vacation packages available as well. You will want to take advantage of GDN’s sales and improve your golf game by viewing our instructional videos on our website. Don’t forget to take a look at some of the golf vacation packages that we have provided for you. You can play great golf at the best locations here in the USA!

Golf Now: Pay Later Policy

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Great Golf Club Deals – Woods

Golf Drivers

Golf club deals - Picture of a Ping Driver.
Ping Driver

Moreover, you can find golf club deals for the best drivers on the market at GDN! They have in stock a number of fully adjustable drivers. By manually fitting and changing the clubhead, specific results can be achieved with these clubs. Golfers looking to correct a slice, or who prefer a drawing ball flight, will benefit from a draw or offset model. Skilled players looking to better control trajectory, ball flight, and spin characteristics may also benefit from tour-level, upgraded shafts. These players can choose from a large selection of tour drivers with a variety of options.

Drivers/Woods have longer shafts and larger, rounder heads than other club types. In brief, they are used to hitting the ball long distances. Historically, woods had a club head that was made from hardwood, mostly persimmon. However, today’s woods have heads made from metal. For example, titanium, or composite materials, such as carbon fiber are used.


In essence, the 1-wood, or driver, is the lowest-lofted, longest and often lightest club in a player’s bag. It is meant to launch the ball the longest distance of any club. Originally, the driver was only slightly larger than other woods and was designed to be used from the tee or the fairway. However, with the advent of hollow metal clubhead construction, the driver has become highly specialized for use off the tee. It incorporates an oversized head and a deep striking face to maximize the “sweet spot” thereby giving the best results.

Fairway Woods

golf club deals - Picture of a fairway wood.
Titleist 3 Wood

Fairway woods are usually higher-numbered woods. Such clubs are designed for shots from off the turf of the fairway. These kinds of shots will require long distances, such as the second shot of a par-5 or a long par-4 hole. Fairway woods have two important features: a higher loft to lift the ball out of the turf and a shallower face height. This allows a player to hit a ball from the ground using the exact center of the club, providing greater distance for such shots.

Furthermore, depending on the type of hole, fairway woods can be useful off the tee. Players may wish to play their tee shot short due to a dogleg or a hazard. Fairway woods typically have slightly shorter and stiffer shafts. They also have a smaller clubhead and more loft than a driver or 2-wood.

Great Golf Club Deals – Irons

At GDN, you can also find great golf club deals with the best irons on the market. Irons typically have shorter shafts and smaller clubheads than woods. Usually, the clubhead consists of solid iron or steel. The head’s primary feature is a large, flat, angled face, usually scored with grooves. Irons are very versatile. Consequently, they can be used in a wide variety of situations. Typically, they are used from the teeing ground, on shorter holes, and from the fairway or rough-on approach shots to the green.

Types of Irons – The Components

In the past, all irons were forged using a flat piece of metal. This produced a thin clubhead that resembled a blade. Modern investment casting processes enabled manufacturers to easily mass-produce clubs with consistent properties. This manufacturing process was first used by PING. Hence, the subject process made it possible to take weight out of the back of the club head and distribute it around the perimeter. These perimeter-weighted, or cavity back irons, make it easier to achieve consistent results on off-center hits.


Investment casting allows for a greater range of design options. It produces a very stiff and inflexible head that can be difficult to adjust for a player’s desired lie and loft. However, forged irons allow for easier ball striking with a greater range of adjustments.


golf club deals - Picture of two graphite shafts.
Graphite Shafts

The shaft is the true engine of the iron. In fact, graphite shafts, made from composite materials such as carbon fiber, are now standard in today’s woods. Club manufacturers most often use steel shafts for irons. It has lower torque than graphite. This allows for less clubhead twisting and gives better accuracy.

Graphite shafts are not uncommon for numbered irons. The increased distance conferred by the graphite shaft is advantageous to many players, especially shorter hitters such as ladies and older players. Wedges virtually always have steel shafts as accuracy and consistency are of primary importance.


The grip covers the top of the shaft, enabling the golfer to hold the club comfortably. On the whole, rubber grips today are the norm. However, some players still prefer a traditional leather wrap.

Great Golf Club Deals – Types of Irons

Numbered Irons

Most irons are labeled with a number indicating their loft. The higher the number, the higher the loft. Therefore, a matched set of irons will have a regular progressive increase in loft throughout the set. However, this may differ from one set to another due to design considerations that can affect launch angle and distance. In addition, modern iron sets range in number from 0 to 12. The most common iron set range is 3 through 9.


Wedges are the subclass of irons with higher lofts than most numbered irons. Mostly, these shots require a short distance, a high launch angle, and/or high backspin to reduce roll distance. In 1931, Gene Sarazen invented the first sand wedge.

golf club deals - picture of a wedge by Ping.
Ping Golf Wedge

The wedge also features a wide sole that helps prevent the clubhead from digging into soft turf or sand. Likewise, other high-lofted irons include this same wide sole to make them easier to hit.

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Golf Direct Now

GDN is one of the leading golf gear dealers on the internet. Their relationships with the most important brands in golf mean that they can offer you the lowest prices available anywhere as well as the best customer service. They pride themselves on being able to provide you with all of the hottest and most important golf gear on the market that will help your game, your look, and your wallet. Browse their gigantic online golf shop to find clubs, equipment, and apparel from brands like Adidas, Callaway, Cobra, PUMA, Ogio, Under Armour, TaylorMade, Adams, Nike, and many more.

GDN’S Mission

At GDN their first concern is your 100% satisfaction. As a matter of fact, that is why they offer the best online return policy around! Therefore, if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it to GDN within 90 days. Consequently, you will receive a full in-store credit towards the purchase of alternate equipment. Furthermore, you can find outstanding golf club deals at GDN and can now buy your equipment with confidence!

In addition to carrying golf clubs, golf bags, golf shoes, golf apparel, and golf accessories from all of your favorite brands, they also offer custom embroidery for all of your golf gear as well as custom-fitting the perfect set of golf clubs for you. They love golf and they love providing you with everything you need to make your time out on the course or the driving range as fun and productive as possible. Furthermore, they want your golf gear to be an extension of your body so that you can concentrate on what is important: your technique and your enjoyment.

Primary Goal

GDN’S primary goal is to have its customers completely satisfied with their golf equipment purchases. Furthermore, GDN prides itself on offering the absolute lowest prices available on the Internet! Also, all orders over $100 ship FREE! Orders under $100 are charged a flat rate of $7.99 per order.


Golf Direct Now is a leading online golf retailer offering a wide catalog of the golf industry’s finest products and brands. GDN offers a vast array of golf equipment, apparel, accessories, and more to its customers at guaranteed best prices. GDN has an online inventory of over 15,000 products that are updated daily to display new products and discounts.

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