Golf Apparel Sale

If you want to dress well on and off the course, get brand-name clothing from the golf apparel sale now at GDN! Find great deals at the golf apparel sale at their online superstore. Shop from the widest selection of golf apparel backed by their great price-matching guarantee. So if you’re looking for a golf apparel sale, look no further than GDN. They have all the top brands!

“Golf Apparel Is More Than Just Clothes – It’s Golf Equipment, Protecting You From All Of The Elements And Providing You With Maximum Comfort During Your Round Of Golf!”

Golf Apparel Sale – Men’s Apparel

Golf apparel sale - picture of a guy in a golf shirt.
Men’s Golf Apparel

For men, GDN offers a remarkable selection of golf apparel including golf shirts, shorts, pants, vest sweaters, and outerwear. From old-school classics to trendy and bold, GDN has something to fit everyone. You can also browse the latest in technology, including dry-fit fabrics, which wick away moisture and help keep you dry and comfortable. Whatever your goal is, GDN is your place to shop for the latest in top golf apparel.

Lightweight garments keep you cool when the heat is on. Apparel, built with moisture-absorbing technology, pulls perspiration off your skin for a fresh feeling that lasts from the course to the clubhouse.

Also, when playing in cooler temperatures, look for layering options. Golf pullover vests made with performance fleece give you breathable warmth without the bulk. Be sure to have rain and windproof gear on hand for when Mother Nature brings a surprise your way in the middle of a round.

Select from top brands like Nike, Ping, Under Armour, Calloway, PUMA, Adidas, Oakley, Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan, Footjoy, Sun Mountain, and many more. So find a look that exudes confidence with golf attire from GDN.

Ladies and Juniors Apparel

You can’t focus on your swing if you’re not comfortable! Choose from a wide selection of tops, shorts, skirts, capris, pants, vest sweaters, and jackets made from high-performance materials that don’t restrict your swing. From classic golf styles to bright and bold, find fashions that fit your personality and game. Finally, complete your look with a new pair of golf shoes that will keep you comfortable on the course. GDN has a women’s boutique where you can find all of the latest women’s fashions in golf.

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golf apparel sale - Picture of a female golfer.
Ladies Golf Apparel

Select from top brands like Nike, Under Armour, PUMA, Fringe, Adidas, and much more. Find the stylish look that’ll have you looking and playing your best.

Accessories For Your Apparel

GDN has an assortment of accessories for your apparel available from their online superstore. Select from gloves, socks, belts, sunglasses, sun protection, and gift cards. Complete your look with a variety of athletic accessories that provide style and an edge over the competition. Be prepared for the weather and shop for a good golf hat or visor. All major brands to choose from! Don’t forget your sunscreen and get a pair of specially-made sunglasses to wear to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun.

Trade your everyday belt in for a lightweight golf belt you won’t even feel while you’re walking the course. Keep your feet feeling fresh through the back nine with a pair of blister-preventing socks.

Water Proof Golf Apparel

Golf apparel sale - picture of golf rain gear.
Rain and Cold Weather Gear

Golfing in the rain? Shop discounted golf rainwear made by all of the top brands for the best prices around. Don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying a round of golf! GDN’s selection of golf waterproofs includes both waterproof jackets and waterproof trousers. Be sure to stay dry when the weather gets wet!

Cold Weather Golf Attire

Stay warm out on the links with cold-weather gear from Nike, Adidas, FootJoy, and more! Golf jackets, golf sweaters, golf pants, and much more. Stay warm and stylish in cold-weather jackets and fleeces. Also, don’t let the weather keep you out of the game, get warm and back on the course today!

Golf Apparel Sale – Inclement Weather

Five Best Tips For Playing Golf In Cold Weather

Tip #1: Walk Instead of Ride

If you have the option, choose to walk rather than ride. You’ll be surprised how much walking will warm up your body. You’ll stay looser and your swing won’t suffer.

Tip #2: Keep Your Hands Warm

Walking shall help keep your body warm, but it’s equally important to keep your hands warm. Put hand warmers in your pockets. Consider wearing two gloves. You’ll want to be sure your hands stay warm so you don’t lose any control or finesse over the golf club.

Tip #3: Keep Your Golf Ball Warm

Keep your golf ball warm! Golf balls don’t travel as far in cold weather. You’ll lose about 3-5 yards, depending on air density, for every 10-degree drop in temperature. So, keep that ball in your pocket between holes. Easier said than done but play smart! Don’t be afraid to hit an extra club – chances are you’ll need it.

Tip #4: Layer Your Clothing

This is as important as anything – what you wear. You don’t want to bundle up so much that you can’t even make a good, full swing. Consider wearing multiple layers. I prefer wearing a long-sleeved thermal T-shirt, like a poly-pro base layer. Also, depending on how cold the weather is, try a short/long-sleeved golf shirt and then a sweater. And if it’s windy, you may even want to wear some sort of lightweight windbreaker. Don’t forget to wear a hat of some sort. I prefer wearing a toboggan hat. Keeping your ears and as much of your face as warm as possible will make a noticeable difference.

Tip #5: Have Realistic Golf Expectations in Cold Weather

Be realistic. Chances are your scoring average will slightly increase during the cold weather months: golf balls don’t go as far, they’re cold and your body is stiffer, and there are numerous other reasonable excuses you can make. Of course, what’s important is that you’re still playing golf. You enjoy the game so much that little will keep you off the golf course. Also, consider playing from the tees up since you won’t be hitting the ball as far. Or it may be beneficial to play the same tees, so you’ll have a chance to work on some different shots and club selections. Furthermore, playing through the cold weather months will do wonders for your golf game.

Therefore, to take advantage of GDN’s remarkable Golf Apparel Sale and look great the next time you are on the golf course, click on the text link here! ⇓

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  1. I had come across your site a few months ago. based on your recommendation I ordered a few of the GDN polo-style shirts.
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    Thanks for the great recommendation!

    • Thank You Brendon for your comments. I hope you enjoy your polo style shirts. Drop by anytime to leave a comment or to purchase something you need for your golf game!

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    I see that you are covering all the top brands in this post and I am confident that your audience will get what they are looking for in this site.
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