Discount Golf Equipment Closeouts!

Discount Golf Equipment Closeouts (Clearance) – With Online Savings in Every Category! You can save strokes on the course while saving in your wallet on discount golf equipment closeouts from GDN. You will get deep discounts on golf equipment and everything you will need for your next round on the course. You’ll want to browse their online site to save big on the many items currently on clearance or on sale!

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King Cobra Driver

Golf equipment encompasses all the various items that are used to play the sport of golf. Types of equipment include golf balls, golf clubs, and devices that aid in the sport. GDN offers the best prices on golf equipment.

GDN offers closeout deals on a wide range of brand-name golf equipment, accessories, and apparel that will grab your attention and create excitement about new possibilities for your golf game. As you probably know, manufacturers make new products and product lines every year. That means product inventory must leave GDN’s warehouse to make room for all the new golf merchandise. Consequently, this means amazing closeout deals for you and all GDN customers.

Some Useful Golf Aids – Discount Golf Equipment Closeouts

Useful Golf Tools That Exist To Aid The Player While On The Course:

  • Ball retrievers – telescoping poles with a device at the end that scoops up and traps golf balls. They are used for reclaiming a ball from a water hazard. Also, these are allowed under strict rules (provided of course the proper one-stroke penalty is assessed for hitting the ball into the water in the first place). Further, as a courtesy to other players, a player retrieving his ball should do so quickly, and should not spend time retrieving abandoned balls.
  • Rangefinders – allow a golfer to measure the exact distance to the hole from its current position. They are illegal according to Rule 14-3 of the rules of golf. However, the USGA allows individual clubs to institute a local rule permitting rangefinders. They have become common among recreational golfers. The typical rangefinder is an optical device that is aimed at sighting the scope on the flag and using the calibrated gauge in the optics to estimate the distance based on the flag stick’s apparent height. Other rangefinders estimate the range using a calibrated focus or parallax control. The user sights the target, brings it into focus, and reads the distance mark on the control. Newer laser rangefinders operate by simply sighting any target and pressing a switch to take a very precise distance reading using an invisible laser. Also, newer golf carts often include GPS tracking, which, combined with an electronic map of the course, can serve a similar function.
  • Stroke counters – help a player keep track of the number of strokes they have made during a hole, an entire round, or both. The simplest devices are strings of beads, thumb wheels, or “clickers” that a player advances by one after each stroke. They then provide a total for the player to write on their scorecard after each hole. In addition, newer variations have various degrees of computational power added. They can keep score for multiple holes, total scores, and keep track of over/under par statistics. Also, these counters are basically “electronic scorecards”. Counters by themselves are okay under strict rules. However, some multi-functional devices incorporate additional banned features like rangefinders or wind gauges, and as such the entire device becomes illegal.

Other Accessories Useful For Golfers

  • discount golf equipment closeouts - Pic of accessories for your golf game.
    Golf Accessories

  • Positional guides – encompass a wide variety of devices meant to improve a player’s stance or swing. Lasers are attached to the shaft of a putter and project a “putting line” onto the ground. There are also specialized tapes attached to the club’s head to provide clues as to how the head is hitting the ground or the ball for future corrections or club adjustments. Furthermore, these are also illegal in tournament play but are invaluable while practicing.
  • Adhesive club face surfaces – attach to the face of irons or woods and create extra backspin to reduce roll or make the face of the club softer for more consistent shorter-distance shots. This is illegal in competitions!
  • Ball washers – can clean golf balls during the round. Various designs exist, and many golf courses provide stand-mounted ball washers near the tee box of each hole. Furthermore, some courses even have ball and club washers on each golf cart. According to strict rules, the ball is not allowed to be cleaned between a player’s tee shot and the ball’s landing on the green, except to the degree necessary to inspect the ball for damage that would make it unplayable. Also, once the ball has landed on the green, the player may pick up and wipe off the ball to remove the attached dirt or debris that would impede the ball from rolling along the green. Between holes, the ball may be cleaned.
  • Golf training aids — Various golf training aids exist to help players improve driving, putting, impact, golf swing speed, and the mental game of golf. Consequently, many of these golf training aids are restricted to practicing the game of golf, and cannot be used during competitive play.

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How To Get Discount Golf Equipment Closeouts (Clearance)?


Browse GDN’s discount golf equipment closeouts section for men’s, women’s, and junior golf clubs. In brief, select from right-hand and left-hand categories of clubs from drivers to putters and from all major national brands too! Tee off with a new top-rated driver. You can also now reach the green in fewer shots with a great set of irons. Furthermore, make the perfect approach shot with a discount wedge. Master the greens with a clearance putter from great brands like Odyssey, Ping, and Scotty Cameron, just to name a few.


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Ladies Golf Skirt

Moreover, you can look your best without breaking your bank account with GDN’s selection of clearance golf apparel. Therefore, shop discount golf apparel for men, including polos, pants, shorts, and outerwear from top brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Under Armour, and Ben Hogan. Similarly, the ladies will love the selection (and prices) of women’s clearance apparel. These also include tops, Bermuda shorts, skorts, and capris. With a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and sizes, you’ll be sure to find what you need.


Improve your game with a pair of discount golf shoes. GDN also features men’s, women’s, and juniors’ footwear from trusted brands like FootJoy, PUMA, ECCO, Nike, and more. Get the perfect fit for all conditions.


Shop a great selection of discount golf bags. Choose from cart bags, stand bags, travel covers, and more. Also, you’ll find a variety of styles of colors.


Get great discount prices on all the accessories you need, like gloves, head covers, umbrellas, divot tools, and much more. Likewise, you’ll find a great selection of discount golf gifts, including instructional books and DVDs.

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Golf Clubs, Shoes, And Supplies

GDN offers the lowest prices on closeout golf equipment. Help them make room for new additions and benefit from their low prices on previous models. Also, get Free Shipping on all Golf Equipment orders over $99. There is an old saying in golf, “Drive for show and putt for dough.” The thing is, a top-notch set of irons in the hands of pretty much any player on the course improves that person’s shot-making. Shop today for great deals on closeout golf equipment!

GDN Is Your Source For Everything Golf!

GDN is your source for golf equipment, golf shoes, and golf apparel. Their inventory includes golf clubs, golf balls, golf bags, golf clothing, and sports team-branded products. In short, GDN’s wide selection of clearance golf sale items has everything you need from clubs, including putters, to high-quality and affordable discount golf clothing. Also, by adding new products into this category, daily GDN can ensure that you find the very best products at a price you won’t believe.

Low-Price Policy

More importantly, even their low-price policy includes clearance items! Therefore, you’ll buy with confidence, knowing that you are getting the lowest price on the very best items. In short, save on your golf equipment needs with free shipping and guaranteed the lowest prices. GDN stocks the largest selection of new and closeout golf clubs, apparel, and more in its online superstore. Why pay more for your golf equipment?

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