Footwear - Picture of the Seventh Hole at Pebble Beach National.
The Par 3 Seventh Hole at Pebble Beach National.

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Shopping For Good Footwear

Golf shoes are the foundation for your stance. They’re some of the most important, and often overlooked, pieces of golf equipment you own. At GDN, you will find a remarkable selection of shoes for every golfer. They have European and US sizes and three-width choices. Choose from a selection that ranges from traditional saddle shoes to trendy hi-tops and colors to fit every mood. GDN is your choice for the best selection of golf shoes.

Golf Shoes and Footwear. Shop confidently from the widest selection of golf shoes online, backed by GDN’s price match guarantee. Whether you are looking for increased comfort, better grip, or more style, GDN carries the latest golf shoes for everyone.

Most if not all golf courses require players to wear shoes that will not damage the turf, especially the greens. Athletic and/or tennis shoes are usually permitted, but golf shoes, designed for the purpose, can benefit the golfer.

Golf Footwear


Footwear - picture of a gray golf shoe.
Gray Soft Spike Shoe

The spikes on the bottom of golf shoes help you keep your feet planted during your swing, a feature that is especially important when playing in wet conditions. Without spikes, one or both of your feet could slip during the swing. Some golf shoes have molded grip bottoms rather than removable spikes or cleats.

The spikes in golf shoes act similarly to the tires on your car. If you’ve ever had worn-out tires, you know how difficult it can be to turn or get traction in snow, ice, or water. Simply wearing sneakers on the course won’t give you the ability you need to stay grounded in your swing. The spikes in golf shoes give you the ability to turn with little movement thus providing you with a solid golf swing.

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Note: Metal Spikes Are No Longer Permitted At Most Golf Courses!


Wearing golf shoes makes navigating the up-and-down terrain of a golf course easier. With running shoes, for example, climbing down a grassy slope into a sand hazard could be difficult or result in a fall. Golf shoes provide adequate traction for most terrain.


In short, quality golf shoes provide lateral support for the golf swing. They keep your feet stable and provide a solid base for the swing. Another important reason for golf shoes is the fact that the golf swing puts tremendous stress on your knees and ankles. Especially if you like to tear into the ball, you need to have these important joints protected as much as possible to prevent common golf injuries. Without a proper grip on the dirt, you could truly swing right out of your shoes. The stress that’s involved with the swing is even more detrimental in regular shoes because your joints will be more prone to slide back and forth. This deteriorates cartilage and could lay you up for a while if you need surgery.


Golf shoes complete your look when on the course. They’re available in a wide range of styles and colors, from full leather snakeskin to fashionable athletic styles. It is easy to match your shoes to your outfit. If you dress traditionally with slacks and a golf shirt, traditional shoes with a brown or black saddle or a solid black are often appropriate.


In the past, golf shoes closely resembled dress shoes, which meant they were not overly comfortable for walking. Many young players, new to the game of golf, have chosen to wear athletic or tennis shoes when playing on the golf course instead of golf shoes. However, modern materials and styling have led to dressy styles that provide athletic comfort. Consequently, today’s golfers can choose an athletic-looking shoe that looks like a running shoe. In like manner, for a more casual look, you can even buy golf sandals with spikes that will keep your feet cool during a round.

How To Buy Good Golf Footwear

  • Go to any sports shop, golfing pro shop, or online golf store.

    Footwear - picture of a sneaker type Golf Shoe.
    Sneaker Type of Golf Shoe

  • Make sure you know your shoe size and width.
  • Look at the spikes on the bottom of the shoes.
  • Look at the material used on the inside of the shoe.
  • Try on any shoe you’re interested in before making a purchase.
  • Choose a design and color that is subtle and doesn’t stand out too much.
  • Make sure the shoe is comfortable and not too tight.
  • Purchase golf shoes and start enjoying your round.

Quick And Easy Way to Waterproof Golf Shoes

As the greens may be wet or moist in some areas, it may be a good idea to learn how to waterproof your golf shoes.

  1. First of all, choose a good waterproofing agent for your golf shoes.
  2. Gather the following materials: old newspapers, soft cloth or a brush with soft bristles, and gloves.
  3. Find a well-ventilated and well-lit area where you can work without much interruption.
  4. Apply the waterproof agent to your shoes and allow them to completely dry before use.

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