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WGS has some top rated golf putters available on its Online Superstore.  Top rated golf putters can start improving your putting and saving you strokes immediately. They now have a very large selection of these premium golf putters to choose from.  Every golfer knows that putting is the most important stroke(s) you can make on the course. It can make or break your round!  WGS has all of the top rated golf putters for sale that the golf industry has to offer from brands like Scotty Cameron, Argolf, Bettinardi, Biomech Sports, Odyssey, Ping, Cleveland, Nike, Pinseeker, TaylorMade, Tour Edge and Wilson just to name a few.

Whether you are looking for a men’s putter, women’s putter, or junior putter to improve your putting on the green, WGS has you covered! They’ve got the right putter for every price range, length and style of play, including a wide variety of left handed putters. You can choose from traditional blades, heal-toe club heads, or a large mallet club head.  Browse WGS’ large selection of putters to find the best fit for you.  Improve your putting today!  Click here and go select your new putter now!

Heel Toe vs. Mallet Type Putters

Heel and Toe Weighted Putters – The Ping Anser putters of the 1960s – popularized the heel and toe weighted (or “perimeter weighted”) style of putter design. So called because they have their weight concentrated in the heel and toe areas, these putters have the largest sweet spots of any putters (the sweet spot is the area where true hits can be achieved).

The weight at the heel and the toe is greater than that at the middle of the putter head. This heel-toe weight distribution works to stabilize the putter head on contact with the ball and is more forgiving of mishits.

At the forefront of a mallet’s benefits is stability. It’s the basis for the club’s massive structure, and why the head is heavier than a blade. This is done to redistribute mass to build the flat stick’s moment of inertia. Important in the club’s fight against torque, which moves the face during the stroke and correlates to more missed, off-center putts. For those that struggle keeping the club on the right swing path, the extra weight lessens the odds of inconsistency.

But, while added mass is the primary value a mallet brings to the table, it’s far from the only virtue.

The same impact-softening materials used on blades are often found in their club’s counterparts. Same goes with milled patterns and inserts on the face. A long-held stigma is that mallets compromised feel and sound in the pursuit of forgiveness. That is no longer the case.

Top Rated Golf Putters – Choosing A New Putter

You can choose from hundreds of putters of various lengths. You can pick between standard putters, belly putters and counterbalance putters.  Get the club head that fits your game. Select a traditional blade for great feedback, a heel-toe club head with added perimeter weighting to help boost MOI or a large mallet club head for maximum forgiveness.   Do to the rules change involving the use of belly putters, WGS only has a limited number of such putters in its inventory.  The Royal and Ancient and United States Golf Associations ruled that the ban on anchored strokes using a belly putter came into effect on January 1, 2016.   The new Rule is 14-1b.

You can select from different face and insert options. Metal putters are common, durable and offer a high-level of control. Also, consider putters that allow for inserts to improve feel and create a smoother roll. Inserts vary in color, firmness and material. Personalize your putter so it matches your game.

Golf Tip:  For a blend of feel and mechanical precision, it might be best to select a more conventional putter.

If you like the stability and extra weight of a long putter, consider a counterbalance putter. Crafted with extra weight in the grip area and club head, counterbalance putters add stability and smoothness.  Choose a putter with the right balance and style for your putting stroke.    pic - mallet style top rated putter

It is beneficial to know your putting stroke when purchasing a new putter

If you lay the putter shaft in your hand with the shaft parallel to the ground and the face is facing the sky, you have a face-balanced putter. Face-balanced putters suit golfers who have a tendency to have straight strokes that go back and through, also known as barn door swings.

If the toe is hanging toward the ground, you have a toe-balanced putter. A toe-balanced putter benefits you if you have an arc stroke.

Note:  Heal toe putter below.  Mallet putter on the right.

pic - heal-toe style putter

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  1. Putting is something that I probably do a lot better than driving. I am used to a heel and toe putter, never tried a mallet putter before. Since I am sort of a beginner and have no idea what my putter stroke is, I can just buy a whole set of clubs and work on my game before getting a little more specific, right?

    1. Yes, you are correct. I would get a whole new set with a bag to replace your lost set of clubs. I prefer the heel/toe putter over the mallet style. It is lighter and has a large sweet spot which is also good for novices. The mallet putter takes a while to get used to it. After you have purchased your new set and are playing awhile, I would invest in a top of the line driver and a good quality putter. These will help to improve your game and will last a long time. You will use these clubs the most, practically every hole. THEY ARE EXPENSIVE BUT WORTH THE INVESTMENT! GOOD EQUIPMENT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Also, there are some good quality complete sets out there, shop around for the best buy! WGS has some good deals!

  2. We have a golf club quite close to where we live and I admire the golfers on the range every time I pass by.
    I’d love to take up golf as a pastime but I’m unsure where to begin and what equipment I will need. There isn’t a golf shop near to where I live so finding your website was a gem.
    I’m feeling quite overwhelmed with all the different types of putters and concerned that I will end up buying the wrong one.
    What would you recommend for a beginner?


    1. Jacqueline,  Thank you for your comments.  If you just need a putter, I would recommend starting you out with the Wilson women’s Harmonized putter for $39.99.  If you need a complete set of golf clubs with cart bag – the Tour Edge Lady Reaction 3 for $299.99.  The complete set includes a putter.

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