Best-Rated Fairway Woods/Hybrids

GDN has available some of the best-rated fairway woods/hybrids in its online superstore. Shop and get the best-rated fairway woods/hybrids from all the major brands in the industry. These best-rated fairway woods/hybrids can improve your golf game immediately. Furthermore, let the best-rated fairway woods/hybrids be the center of your golf game. Don’t miss out on getting these great golf clubs to help you score better today! Check out GDN’s great selection of hybrids to improve your game today.

Fairway Woods

If you’re having trouble getting the golf ball on the fairway and onto the green, the fairway wood is the club for the job. Typically, available in sizes 3, 5, and 7, fairway woods are smaller than drivers and bigger than irons. They can be used to tee off on shorter holes or to find the green on the second swing from the fairway. Be sure to check out GDN’s fine selection of Fairway Woods today!

Best rated fairway woods/hybrids - picture of a Mavrik fairway wood.
Mavrik 3 Wood.

GDN has great options for right and left-handed players. Select from brands like Bridgestone, Honma, Mizuno, TaylorMade, Titleist, Ping, Callaway, Cleveland, Srixon, Cobra, Nike, Nickent, Tour Edge, and Wilson just to name a few.

Pay close attention to the flex you choose. Picking the wrong flex type can cost you distance. Match your swing speed to the shaft stiffness. Fairway Woods for men comes in with four different options.

  • 105 mph or higher: Extra Stiff
  • 90 to 105 mph: Stiff
  • 80 to 95 mph: Regular
  • 70-85 mph: Senior

Ladies typically have slower swing speeds than men. This makes woods favorable to irons for achieving faster swings for longer drives. There are several varieties of fairway woods for lady golfers to choose from. They come in lofts ranging anywhere from 13 to 19 degrees. You can select from different club face styles, shaft materials, and lengths to meet the needs of different-sized golfers.

Note: A good fairway wood should be made of quality and lightweight materials and offer a sweet spot designed to give the ball the perfect amount of speed, loft, and control with every stroke of the club.

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Best-Rated Fairway Woods/Hybrids – What to Look For?

Things to Look for When Purchasing aFairway Wood

The power of your swing centers on the club’s head. Is the club face-sized appropriately? Is the center of gravity positioned to provide an optimal launch angle? Get the right design that fits your game.

You will need the proper gaps between your golf clubs in your bag. By that, I mean, the different lofts of each club to hit the variety of shots required while playing. Choose a loft option that complements your golf bag and adds versatility. Loft options vary from brand to brand. When adding fairway woods, you should have a range of clubs to choose from that offer a variety of distances. Higher wood numbers indicate a reduction in overall distance.

Golf Tip:

Having trouble with your driver? Consider using your 3-wood off the tee, on the par-3 holes, or as a second club on the par-5. You might want to carry a 4-wood instead of a 3-wood or 5-wood. Then, you can add an extra wedge to your bag. The 5-wood is a classic golf club that you could choose to replace with a hybrid.

Fairway woods are an essential part of any golfer’s bag! If you are in the market for a good fairway wood, GDN has a wide selection that could just be what you are looking for.


If you are having trouble hitting your long irons, GDN has some of the best-rated hybrids on its Online Superstore. There you can select from a wide variety of hybrids to fit your game from all of the major golf club manufacturers.

Things To Look for When Purchasing aHybrid

A hybrid is a type of golf club with a design borrowing from both irons and woods while differing from both. The name “hybrid” comes from genetics to denote a mixture of two different species with desirable characteristics of both. The term here has been generalized, combining the familiar swing mechanics of an iron, with the more forgiving nature and better distance of a wood.

For many players, long irons (numbers 1-4) are difficult to hit well, even with modern club faces. This is due to the low trajectory and very small face of the low loft club head. Players tend to avoid these clubs in favor of Fairway Woods, which has a larger “sweet spot” to hit with. Such woods, having longer shafts, have a different swing mechanic that is sometimes difficult to master.

Best Rated Fairway Woods/Hybrids - picture of Hybrids by Callaway.
Callaway Hybrids

The long shaft of the fairway wood also requires lots of room to swing. Thus, making it unsuitable for tighter lies such as “punching” out from underneath trees. In addition, the fairway wood club face is designed to skim over instead of cutting into the turf. This makes it undesirable for shots from the rough. Consequently, the answer to this dilemma for many players is to replace the 1–4 irons with hybrids.

Note: We have the ladies on the LPGA tour to thank for the popularity of hybrids vs. long irons. They were the first to remove the long irons (numbers 1-4) from their golf bags. They replaced them with a similarly lofted hybrid that was much easier to hit. With the ladies’ success with these clubs, the men were soon to follow.

Hybrid Usage

A hybrid with a wood-like club head is often used for long shots. They are used for difficult rough and for nearly any shot where the golfer would normally use a long iron but feels uncomfortable doing so. Therefore, they are usually direct replacements for fairway woods in most situations. A fairway wood will have greater club speed and more roll for better distances. Because hybrids can assist in getting players out of tricky situations such as tight lies, TaylorMade Golf chose to market their hybrid clubs as Rescue clubs.

The Most Common Hybrids

The most common hybrid lofts are 3-iron and 4-iron equivalents. The 1- and 2-iron are usually omitted from the bag completely! Some 5-iron equivalents are also seen in ladies’ and older players’ sets. Hybrids replace rather than supplement long irons. A player is free to carry any set of 14 clubs that they wish. It is not unheard of for a player to carry both a 3-hybrid and a 3-iron, with the hybrid replacing the fairway wood. A higher-mass iron club head is preferable to a hybrid for use in tall grass or soft lies.

Shots from deep within trees and in very high grass can still be difficult with a “wood-faced” hybrid. However, the higher angle of flight can make “punching” out through low-hanging branches difficult. The wider sole of the hybrid, similar to a wood, will still skim rather than cut into the tall grass. This is similar to a wood but to a lesser degree. Therefore, the “iron replacement” form of hybrid is preferable, as the trajectory and cut-through are similar to traditional long irons.

If a ball is lying near the green, a player can use a hybrid to perform a short “bump and run.” By assuming the player’s typical stance and grip, a ball can be “bumped” in the air over the taller rough onto the green. From there, it will then “run” (roll) like a putt. Furthermore, other clubs, especially mid and high-lofted irons, can make a similar stroke and are more commonly used.

Best-Rated Fairway Woods/Hybrids – How to Use Them?

When To Use a Fairway Wood

With A Fairway Wood, You Sweep the Ball Away, Using A Solid Stance and a Big Wide Swing.

Generally, You Would Choose a Fairway Wood When:

Best Rated Fairway Woods/Hybrids - picture of a XXIO #3 fairway wood.
XXIO 3 Wood
  • There aren’t many hazards around the green
  • You are playing into the wind
  • The lie is good, usually on the fairway
  • You are not in a tight lie
  • Hitting off a tee

When To Use a Hybrid

With a hybrid, you hit down on the ball with a shorter, steeper swing, like using an iron, and create a divot.

Choose A Hybrid When:

  • You are playing from the rough or a bunker
  • Playing downwind
  • You want a higher trajectory and a soft landing
  • Have to hit over a hazard

Golf Tip: A golf professional once told me that when playing a hybrid, position the ball in the middle of your stance for the best results. Play it like an iron! Also, you will need to know the lofts of your irons and fairway woods. Whatever long iron you replace, you should replace it with a hybrid of a similar loft. You don’t want to have too many gaps between clubs in your bag!

Purchasing the best-rated fairway woods/hybrids can have a positive outcome for your golf game. Having top-notch clubs to help you on the course is a great asset. Serious golfers will always keep up with the latest technology and trends in the game of golf today!

Therefore, improve your shot-making today by clicking on the direct link here and checking out GDN’s selection of Best Rated Fairway Woods/Hybrids. ⇓

6 thoughts on “Best-Rated Fairway Woods/Hybrids”

  1. I have been looking into a new set of clubs and didn’t really know much about hybrids….I am a fairly newbie golfer. So this information for me was great! I love you site as it is so informative for me! I have somewhat of a better idea of what I should be looking for in my purchase. Thanks so much!

    • Your welcome. Hybrids take the place of your long irons i.e. the 2, 3 and 4 irons. These long irons are harder to hit for most players. Even touring pros are using hybrids now. You should look for a complete set of clubs with graphite shafts with bag and putter. Make sure your set has a hybrid or two included. Your left handed correct? Make sure you specify left handed when you order them.

  2. Hi

    Great Information on some of the best rated fairway woods and hybrid clubs.

    There are certainly many to choose from, but this post will help simplify the decision process.

    Do you have any personal favorite brands that you stick with or are you open to using all the different kinds of gear?


    • Thanks Chris for your comments. Personally, I play TaylorMade woods and hybrids. My Irons are Calloway. With any of the major manufacturers, you will get a great club. My wedges are by Calloway, Cleveland and Golf Works. My putter, Scotty Cameron by Titleist. They’re many to choose from. You can not go wrong with any of the big brands. Make sure you get the right shaft flex to match your swing speed.

  3. I love my fairway wood and wish I would’ve added one to my bag sooner. It’s helped me get onto the green in 2 shots on lots of par-5 holes, assuming the drive was good.

    I like the confidence it gives me because the face is so wide. Unlike my hybrid, I feel like I don’t have to be 100 accurate in hitting the sweet spot to make a good shot.

    I also like to use my 3-wood for longer par-3 holes. Any hole that’s around 200 yards makes me reach for “Woody” rather than an iron.

    I only use the hybrid in the thick stuff and only when I feel like it’s the best choice.

    Have you ever felt the need to use a hybrid on a tee box? I don’t think I would ever dare to.

    • Thanks for the comments. Good to hear that you are having great confidence with your fairway woods. Sounds like you need more practice with the hybrids though. A pro advised me to play the hybrids in the middle of your stance like an iron. Yes, I’ve used the hybrid on the tee when the shot warranted it from a distance perspective. The clubs are really easy to hit. Like anything else one needs to practice with them. Don’t shy away from your hybrids, they are really good clubs to have in your bag. Long irons are harder to hit, that is why golfers went to the hybrid.

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